Industrial Monitors

Industry Panel Mount(10)

Panel Mount monitors are suitable for flush-mounting to a desk or machine frame. The options 'Touch Screen' and 'Embedded board' make Panel Mount monitors suitable as an HMI module. The LCD surface is protected by anti-reflection glass which is sealed IP65 by use of a rubber sealing. The Panel Mount monitors can be equipped with…

Industry Panel Mount Glass(13)

In case of a Panel Mount Glass monitor, the front consists of glass instead of metal. This model is very suitable for flush-mounting in a newsstand kiosk in a public environment. These monitors are also very suitable for outdoor application. The glass is vandal-proof. Scratches and rain will not affect the touch screen. The integrated…

Industry Rack Mount monitor(3)

A line of 3 monitors, 15, 17 and 19”, to be used in 19’’ racks or cabinets.

Industry Rear Mount(10)

Rear mount (or chassis mount) monitors are applied behind a film or client-specific front. These industrial monitors can be equipped with a touch screen and other options of the N-line, for example Optical Bonding and High Bright. This makes the monitor optimally legible. They are also known as chassis mount monitor or rear triangle monitor.

Industry Replacement VisionI-K series(3)

For the VisionI-K series of built-in monitors (predecessor of the current N-Line), replacement models are available. These are constructed from an N-Line basis with a Vision compatible front. These monitors can be equipped with the common options of the N-Line.

Industry VESA Mount (desktop) monitor(13)

VESA Mount monitors are desktop monitors, suitable for the industrial environment. The monitors are made of metal. The LCD surface is protected by anti-reflection glass, which is sealed IP65 by use of a rubber sealing. The N-stand and V-stand are optional, but the VESA connection on the back makes it possible for almost any monitor…